Battle of the Batteries   

On Friday the 13th January our 6th class pupils attended the RDS Primary Science Fair in Dublin to display their project entitled , “Are Bigger Brand Batteries Really A Better Buy?”

The class spent a significant amount of time carrying out various investigations to help them answer their question.

They wanted to look at how the batteries performed on low and higher draining devices so tested them on simple light bulb circuits, hand held fans and flash cameras. They observed and recorded their results carefully and completed various maths activities also.

They were curious to see how and if rechargeable batteries might differ as well. They tested a big brand rechargeable against a less well known cheaper brand using the hand held fans and compared how long they both lasted.

Another experiment that the class investigated was to see how alkaline and non alkaline batteries performed against each other using a remote control car to test how long they would each power it for.

Having carried out all their investigations the class examined and compared the results. They were quite surprised with their findings and taking cost and performance into account the class concluded that the answer to our question was in fact that bigger brand batteries aren’t a better buy.

The pupils of 6th class will now be purchasing some of the less expensive supermarket brands as they gave their dearer competitors a very good run for their money!

Well done to them all on completing a super class project!