We encourage the children to use technology, where possible, as part of their everyday learning, not only in Maths and Science but in other subjects too.

Here are a few examples of how the children have used technology throughout the year.


  • All classes have had computer lessons with Rudi throughout this year, each class has learned age appropriate computer skills, including how to research a topic online, create a Word document, create a PowerPoint presentation, use formulae and input data in Excel and basic html coding.




  • Using technology to access information for Science topics e.g. researching information on animals for projects, bridges/planes/boats for our engineering projects.



  • Using technology to record and analyse data collected during investigations




  • Fourth Class used the Irish Computer Society Scratch Programme to learn the basics of coding.





  • Using PowerPoint to create a presentation as part of our project work during the year.



  • Fourth Class recorded themselves making short presentations about their Circuits projects to share on their class blog.