An audit of literacy practice was conducted in the school during 2012-2013 academic year.  The following is a summary of the findings:

Our school has strengths in the following areas –

  • There is a high level of reading attainment as evidenced in Micra T results.
  • Parents and children report a high level of proficiency and enjoyment of reading.
  • Children enjoy speaking orally and presenting work in small groups.
  • Children present written work neatly and legibly.
  • Children can re-tell in sequence stories and events and respond to simple comprehension questions based on text/other visual stimulus.


The following areas are prioritised for improvement –

o   Oral Language – Listening and Speaking.

o   Whole school planned approach to writing genres.

o   Extension of Collaborative and co-operational learning.

o   Assessment for Learning.


The Improvement Plan.

New strategies will be introduced as follows:

  • “Building Bridges” will be introduced in all classes – one strategy per term.
  • Aspects of the “First Steps Oral Language Programme” will be introduced on a planned basis in all classes.
  • Oral language will be an integral part of homework.
  • Children will be given an opportunity to make an oral presentation in their class once per term.
  • Teachers will focus on one writting genre per term and vocabulary improvement will be assisted by the “Outside the Box” strategy.
  • Assessment for Learning strategies will be employed with specific class activities.