R.S.E. POLICY – MAY, 2014


R.S.E. Content:

The following is the specific sensitive core content of R.S.E. to be delivered in St. Kevin’s National School after February Mid-Term every year:


Junior Infants                                 

My Body (Specific Anatomical Names)

New Life (Baby in the Womb)


Senior Infants                                 

My Body (As Above)

How I grow and change

Caring for New Life – what babies need to grow

and develop


First Class

My Family/ Other Families (Families can be different)

How my Body Works

Caring for my body

New Life – baby joined by umbilical cord to it’s mother (mention of Breastfeeding)


Second Class

As I grow I change

Life Cycle of Living Things

Wonder of New Life (Animal & Human)

Caring for a New Life- (Animal and Human)

A baby needs special care

(Revisit umbilical cord and breast feeding)

Basic Hygiene

Third Class                                       

As I grow I change

My Family / Different Families

Healthy Lifestyle

Link between Health and Hygiene

Preparing for a New Life


Fourth Class                                    

Keeping Healthy

Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness

Wonder of New Life

Personal Growth- Boy to Man/ Girl to Woman

Growing and Changing:

  • Feelings and the Emotional Changes of Puberty
  • Baby from Conception to Birth


Fifth Class                                        

Health & Hygiene

Wonder of New Life

Caring for New Life (A baby is a miracle)

Growing and Changing:

  • Hormonal/ Emotional Changes of Puberty


Sixth Class                                        

Keeping Healthy – Infections/ Infectious Diseases

Different Kinds of Love

Relationships and Creating New Life

Responsibilities of Parenthood




NOTE:  (Fourth – Sixth R.S.E. Sensitive Areas will be covered by a Guest Speaker).


Parents will be informed of all sensitive content prior to delivery in school and have the right to withdraw their children from these classes if they so wish.  However, as this Programme is inclusive, we would discourage withdrawal.