Introductory Statement:

This policy was developed by the staff of St. Kevin’s N.S., the Board of Management and the Parents’ Association in the school year 2012-2013.


Its purpose is to provide information and guidelines to parents and staff on parent/teacher meetings and parent/teacher communication in St. Kevin’s N.S. The family and home are central to the social and intellectual development of the child and the nurturing of good, moral values. The school and the family strive to be mutually supportive and respectful of each other so that the child’s education can be effective. All the stakeholders aim to work for the benefit of the child and their learning.


Parents are recognised as the primary educators of their children. Teachers are recognised as professionals in education and work in partnership with parents.


At St. Kevin’s N.S. regular parent-teacher communication is welcomed throughout the duration of the pupil’s education at the school and home-school links are actively encouraged.


Aims of Communication Policy:

  • To build a school community which is supportive of all its members.


  • To develop close links between home and school and promote a culture of partnership.


  • To establish procedures for sharing of information in relation to pupils to enrich their educational experiences and to develop their full potential.





Structures in Place to Facilitate Open Communication and

Consultation with Parents:



Written Communication:

  • The Homework Journal is a very important means of two-way communication between parents and the class teacher.


  • The Monthly Newsletter keeps parents up-to-date with school events, activities and the school calendar.


  • Notes go home frequently – Parents need to check the school bag for these.


  • School Reports are distributed at the end of the academic year.




  • An Induction Meeting for new parents takes place in June each year.


  • A General Meeting of parents with the class teachers takes place at the end of September each year. Children from 3rd-6th classes attend these meetings with their parents.


At these meetings the Principal reminds parents and children of the school rules and routines. The class teachers give a brief synopsis of the curriculum content of the class and their expectations re homework etc.


  • One-to-one formal Parent/Teacher Meetings take place in November every year.


The aim of these meetings is:

  • To improve communication between the school and parents.
  • To let parents know how their children are progressing in school.
  • To inform staff on how children are coping outside school.
  • To establish an ongoing relationship and communication with parents.
  • To help teachers/parents get to know the children better as individuals.
  • To help children realise that home and school are working together.


Other Communication:

  • Parents can be contacted directly via Text-a-Parent. (Parents please inform the school office of any change in your contact numbers/details).




  • The SEN Co-ordinator contacts parents of children receiving Learning Support/Resource in September each year to advise them of this and also to collect information to formulate IEP’s.


  • Parents are welcome to meet with their child/childrens’ teachers at any time during the year. Please just put a note in your child’s journal or contact the office to make an appointment.


  • Occasions occur where a parent needs to speak to a staff member urgently. Sometimes these meetings need to take place without prior notice. The Principal will aim to facilitate such meetings making every effort to ensure that the children in the class do not lose out on any learning time. N.B. In accordance with best practice re Child Protection parents are requested not to go directly to the classrooms, please call to the Office first.


  • Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they have any worries/concerns in relation to their child/children.


  • Parents are advised that they must notify the school in writing (a note in the journal will suffice) if your child/children are absent from school. The school is obliged to notify the NEWB (National Educational Welfare Board) if a child misses 20+ days in a year.



  • If parents wish to drop in lunch boxes, sports gear etc. this can be done through the secretary’s office. Once again, we would ask parents not to go directly to the classrooms.


Parents’ Association:

  • The Parents’ Association keeps parents informed of all school events and activities.


  • A Suggestion Box and a Parents’ Notice Board are inside the main school gate to facilitate parental participation in the school.


  • The Parents’ Association will make parents aware of policies being updated/reviewed and invite parents to participate in the process.


  • While all parents are members of the Parents’ Association, it is hoped that parents will become actively involved in the Association’s business. All volunteers must be Garda-Vetted through the Diocese of Ferns.


Parental Complaints:

N.B. – The Parents’ Association is not a forum for parental complaints.


  • If parents wish to make a complaint it is necessary that they would first approach the class teacher. If they are not satisfied their complaint is resolved after this meeting they need to approach the Principal. Most complaints will be resolved informally at this stage. However, if parents are still not happy they can consult the official Complaints Procedure for Primary Schools agreed by the INTO and CPSMA (see appendix).

Board of Management:

  • St. Kevin’s N.S. has a properly constituted Board of Management comprising of Nominees of the Bishop of Ferns, the Tara Hill Community, Teachers and Parents.


  • This Board started its term in November 2011 and will continue until November 2015.


  • Following each Board of Management meeting there will be an agreed report to parents. This will be given to the Parents’ Association and also posted on the school website on







The following is the agreed complaints procedure to be followed in primary schools:


Stage 1

  1. A parent/guardian who wishes to make a complaint should, firstly approach the class teacher with a view to resolving the complaint.


  1. Where the parent/guardian is unable to resolve the complaint with the class teacher he/she should approach the Principal with a view to resolving it.


  1. If the complaint is still unresolved, the parent/guardian should raise the matter with the Chairperson of the Board of Management with a view to resolving it.


Stage 2

  1. If the complaint is still unresolved and the parent/guardian wishes to pursue the matter further, he/she should lodge the complaint in writing with the Chairperson of the Board of Management.


  1. The Chairperson will bring the precise nature of the written complaint to the notice of the teacher and seek to resolve the matter between the parties within 5 days of receipt of the written complaint.


Stage 3

  1. If the complaint is not resolved informally, the Chairperson should, subject to the authorisation of the Board:

a) Supply the teacher with a copy of the written complaint and


b) Arrange a meeting with the teacher, and where applicable, the Principal with a view to resolving the complaint. Such a meeting should take place within 10 days of receipt of the written complaint.




Stage 4

  1. If the complaint is still not resolved, the Chairperson should make a formal report to the Board within 10 days of the meeting.


  1. If the Board considers that the complaint is not substantiated, the teacher and the complainant should be so informed within 3 days of the Board meeting.


  1. If the Board considers that the complaint is substantiated or that it warrants further investigation, the following steps should be followed:


a) The teacher should be supplied with copies of any written evidence in support of the complaint.


b) He/she should be requested to supply a written response to the complaint to the Board and should be afforded an opportunity to make a presentation to the Board and to be accompanied by another person to that meeting.


c) The Board may arrange a meeting with the complainant, who may be accompanied by another person to this meeting.


Stage 5

  1. Following the Board’s investigation, the Chairperson shall convey the decision of the Board in writing to the teacher and the complainant within 5 days of the meeting of the Board. The decision of the Board shall be final.

















November 2012

This Policy shall be revised regularly by the Board of Management of St. Kevin’s N.S., Tara Hill, Gorey, Co. Wexford


Signed on behalf of the Board of Management:


Chairperson:________________________ Date:________________


Principal:__________________________ Date:________________