Our School by 5th class

We recently entered the Today FM contest “Why your school is brilliant?”

Unfortunately, we didn’t win but here is our fantastic entry written by 5th Class.


Our School

by 5th Class, St. Kevin’s National School, Tara Hill.

Our school is very special …’Treat others as you would like to be treated!’ is our motto!

There is a nice friendly atmosphere with lots of banter between teachers and students. The senior pupils buddy up to mind the younger classes. We’ve bulldozed bullies, so it’s safe for all!

‘Fun and games are our aims’ We play, we swing, we dance and sing! When we are practising singing for concerts our principal and the other teachers dance around like mad things! We love this #dab is fab! We raise money regularly for charity and have a  medal from Crumlin Hospital for collecting over €2K. We are there to care 🙂  We are the only school in Wexford with 6 Green Flags; we pick up all the litter and fill our rubbish bags! We have an amazing garden with vegetables and plants aplenty; from the ground to the plate everything tastes great! From Glendalough to Wexford Slobs, the beach to Tara Hill, it’s great to learn outside our school,it gives us such a thrill!

 Last but not least, it’s our belief that it’s better to try and fail than not try at all.

If we win this fabulous prize, please don’t worry, we will be so wise. An outdoor play-area would bring us much fun ; sliding and swinging having fun in the sun! A sense of adventure, oh my, what a dream- we would be like cats who got the cream!