During November and December we are teaching the Stay Safe programme. While it is covered in class, we feel that further discussion at home is necessary due to the importance of the topic. See the link here

Extra Work

Suggestions of suitable work to be completed in the event of Emergency School Closures.

 Please do not complete any extra work in their workbooks
You may like to use a spare copy/ pages to complete some of the following.

  • Read a different book every day (either a bookworm book or a story book from home)
  • Keep a diary of the days you are off. Write 1 or 2 simple sentences and draw a picture showing what you did each day. Staple the pages together and design a cover. E.g.: Today is Monday. It is snowing. I made a snowman.
  • Practice letter formation of letters that we have learned so far
  • Practice ‘Look, Say, Trace, Cover, Write, Check’ using Tricky Words we have learned so far.
  • Write sentences using these Tricky Words.
  • Practice number formation of numbers 1-10.
  • Make a number line and practise maths games on it.
  • Write a story and illustrate it. Suggested topics : The Funny Snowman, The Sad Angel, The Hungry Reindeer.
  • Bake then write and illustrate a recipe.
  • Play card games and board games.
  • Rewrite a fairy tale with a different ending or a new character.

Below are a list of websites which you may find useful