1st Class 


Suggestions of suitable work to be completed in the event of Emergency School Closures.

Please do not continue work in their schoolbooks. Instead you may wish to do some of the following activities with your child.

  • Revision of addition tables. Encourage your child to give quick responses. Use concrete materials/fingers if needed.
  • Read a constant variety of different books every day (either a bookworm book or a story book from home). Don’t forget to ask your child questions on what they have read.
  • Keep a diary of the days you are off. Write 4/5 simple sentences and draw a picture showing what you did each day. Staple the pages together and design a cover. Encourage correct formation of letters and spacing of words.
  • Play math’s games on the Cracking Maths website or www.fun4thebrain.com
  • Do riddles and puzzles.
  • Revise your Tricky Words and use them in a short story. Illustrate your story.
  • Revise our blends and word families by writing word lists of short stories based on these words, . E.g. “sh”, “ch”, “bl”, words or “-ill”, “-all”, “-ack”, “-ent” words
  • Use websites provided for additional work.
  • Bake and then write up and illustrate the recipe .
  • Play games that involve following instructions. Do not repeat the instructions if possible e.g. listen and draw the picture being described.

Some useful websites: