6th Class: Suggestions of work to be completed Monday 30th March – Friday 3rd April:

Hello to all of 6th class. I hope that everyone is keeping well and enjoying the lovely sunshine we have been having lately. The list below gives suggestions for your school work for the next week. Try your best to get the work completed but don’t worry if you can’t finish all of it. If you find any aspect of the work difficult or tricky, give it a go and then move on to something else. If you have any questions or wish to submit some work, you can contact me at the following email address: agleeson@tarahillns.ie


  • Continue to read every day and add new words to your vocabulary list.
  • Choose 5 difficult words from your reading to learn for spellings.
  • New Wave: English in Practice Days 61 – 65.
  • Novel: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – read chapters 7 and 8, pages 67 – 94. If you have not read as far as chapter 7, catch up on what you have missed first.
  • Starlight Programme – Unit 4a, pages 46 & 47 – Answer D, E and F.


  • Spend time watching TG4
  • Abair Liom – Chapter 10 – Read the story ‘Daithí agus na Bróga Reatha’. Highlight new or tricky words and use your dictionary to help you understand their meaning. Have a go at A: Freagair na Ceisteanna – you do not need to write out the answers.
  • Go back over the verbs on pages 180-182 and write 5 sentences using these verbs.


  • Cracking Maths – We are working on the chapter on Length at the moment. You might find the following websites useful:
  • https://www.mathsisfun.com/measure/metric-length.html Revision of units of measurement for length
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mopAgqjkVM This video explains perimeter
  • Cracking Maths page 139 no. 1,2,3 page 140 no. 1,2,3            page 141 no. 1 (do schoolyard 1,2,3     page 143 no. 3 a, b,c
  • Maths Mate page 42 no. 1-5 page 43 no. 1-6      Have a go at some of the red numbers if you feel able



  • Try to do some physical exercise every day.
  • Continue to use your Super Troopers guide.
  • Joe Wicks has lots of videos on YouTube and does live sessions at 9am Monday-Friday.
  • The Go Noodle website has a great selection of activities.
  • 10@10 exercises can be found at https://rtejr.rte.ie/10at10/


  • Grow in Love – Theme 7 – Holy Week & Easter
    • Lesson 1 – pages 74 – 77
    • Have a go at answering the questions in the chapter but you don’t need to write out the answers to the questions
  • Confirmation Copy – the following pages:
    • The Last Supper
    • Jesus is Crucified





6th Class Suggestions for work in the event of Emergency School Closures: March 12th

  • Read every day and add new words to your vocabulary list
  • Revise your spellings and work on any challenge spellings that you have not yet learned – use the suggested activities that are in your Assessment copy
  • Complete work in your New Wave book up as far as DAY 60 and do any catch up work
  • Revise multiplication and division tables by setting yourself speed challenges or playing online games
  • Finish any pages in Maths Mate which you have started but not completed
  • Read back over the stories we have done in Abair Liom
  • Revise your Irish vocab and study the verbs on pages 180-182 of Abair Liom
  • Keep a daily diary of events /activities
  • Write a chapter summary of the book you are currently reading
  • Write a review of a book you have read or a film you have seen
  • Write a short story that begins with: The day started like any other until………….
  • Choose your favourite character from a book or film and write a character profile under the headings – appearance, personality traits, family/friends
  • Do a mini project on a country or animal you interested in learning more about
  • Research the life of either a previous Irish president or American president
  • Begin a project on a topic of your choice
  • Continue with Super Troopers as well as other forms of physical exercise
  • Create a piece of art of your own choosing
  • Complete the worksheets you were given in school
  • Use the websites listed below for online games and research


  • Twinkl is a great site for lots of really good resources and they are offering free access for 1 month due to school closures which is brilliant.

Websites Sixth Class

Special Education Team – Emergency Work

Below are some really useful websites that you might like to have a look at:



www.readingbear.org – phonics


www.sightwords.com – good for sightwords

www.oxfordowl.co.uk – ebook library and other bits