Suggestions for Emergency Work in the event of school closure.

  • Write out answers to the questions that we have read and answered orally from our “Read at Home” books.
  • Write about any topic which we have studied. Highlight key words and illustrate your work.
  • Revise all your times tables by revising orally or playing games online e.g. Schoolhouse Rock website.
  • Set yourself tables speed challenges – how many can you answer in 1 minute? etc.
  • Finish any pages in Maths Mate 5 that you have not fully completed. Do not start new pages please.
  • Play maths games on the Cracking Maths website .
  • Listen to Béal Beo cd and read back over the stories we have covered .
  • Revise your verbs sheet in Irish.
  • Write a blurb for novels we have covered in school.
  • Revise old spelling sheets.
  • Write a book/movie review.
  • Write a series of diary entries from a soldier in WW1/Aztec Warrior.


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