5th Class Work March 30th-April 3rd

Rang a Cúig  

Dia dhaoibh!

Hope everyone is well and keeping their spirits up! I’m assuming that you have completed the work I gave you when the school closed on March 12th! If not, you have plenty of time to do so!! See below the work I’m asking you to do for the week beginning Monday 30th March. You may type this work or take a screen shot of it from your copy and then please send it to me by email at enilionain@tarahillns.ie . Don’t forget that all your school books are now available to access online, for free!


  • Spellings – Unit 14 – all spellings to be learned. Activities pg 54 & 55 (1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • Research and compose a three minute oral presentation on a topic of your choice. Focus on your volume, tone of voice, expression, eye contact and clarity. When you are confident and well practised, make the presentation to your family (send me a video if you wish!)
  • Vocabulary from Holes – Definition and sentences

Chapter 41 – contaminate, murky, Ch 42 – delirious, considered, coincidence, fugitive, Ch 43 –  evicted, inexplicable, retrieve, indistinct, adjacent  Ch 44 – adjusting, precarious, portion

  • Please finish reading Holes
  • Invent a new character who arrived at the camp using the following headings – –Nickname (and reason for it) – Real name – Why was he sent to the camp – Appearance – Habits or behaviour
  • Now, write a narrative piece about an incident that might have happened in Camp Green Lake, between your new character and at least one other character. (I will email you the template that I want you to use for this piece, along with your time phrases and ‘said’ alternatives sheets, before Monday morning.)
  • Starlight – Read pg 128 – The Painting (first to yourself and then aloud to members of your family)                            Pg 131 – B Comprehension (1-5) – C (1-6) Add these new words into your vocabulary copy also.
  • When you have all your English work done please watch the movie Holes-you’ll find it on


  • Word problem sheet ( I’ll email it to you with other sheets)
  • Cracking Maths –Chapter 28 – Area (Read and discuss what’s written in the yellow boxes pg 198 & 199)

Area = Length x Width

·         If the length and the width are measured in cm, then your answer should be in cm²

·          If the length and the width are in m, then your answer should be in m²

  • As you are at home, you have plenty of opportunities to measure the area of various objects in your house or garden – you’ll need a ruler and a measuring tape!
  • Activities- Find and record the area of at least four of the following – kitchen table, patio, garden, bedroom, desk, hall, tv, computer screen, garage. You may also measure your own suggestions.

Cracking Maths– pg 199 ( 1, 2 & 3) If you have a printer, print off the squared cm sheet that I’ll be emailing you for Q 3.

Pg 200 ( 1, 2,3 & 4)



  • Bileog Briathra – Scríobh amach na habairtí mar shampla (for example)

Buail – 1. Bhuail mé mo dheartháir inné

  1. Ní bhuailim an doras gach lá.
  2. Buailfidh mé an sliotar leis an gcamán níos déanaí.
  3. Tá mé ag buaileadh an liathróid anois.
  4. Dúirt an múinteoir liom an clog a bhuailadh.
  5. Tá an clog buailte

Scríobh amach 6 abairtí le haghaidh caill, caith agus croch

  • Abair Liom lch 174– Scríobh na focail seo i do chóipleabhair Ghaeilge (Foclóir section)  – mór,  ard, fada, sean, láidir,  díreach, te, grianmhar, geal, fliuch agus foghlaim iad!
  • 10 nóiméid gach lá ar duolingo.com
  • Bí ag caint as Gaeilge sa bhaile, le do thoil!

Geography – Famine – Small World (Available on line as ebook –  www.cjfallon.ie ) pg 94, 95 & 96  – Read & discuss . Write ten interesting pieces of information based on what you have learned in these pages.

History –   The Irish Famine – Read & Discuss – Email to follow. Talk to parents and grandparents (online or on the phone obviously) about what they know about the Irish Famine

  • YouTube – The Irish Potato Famine (Simple History)

Science – I’m eagerly awaiting the screenshots of your Invention projects!

SPHE –    www.Scoilnet.ie  – The Stories of Brigit & Sami – Watch and discuss migration, refugees and famine with your family.

  • Think about how your life is different now and make a list of all the positives that we are all experiencing!

Religion – Grow in Love – Theme 7 –Holy Week and Easter. www.growinlove.ie email – trial@growinlove.ie ; password – growinlove

Art – It’s almost Easter! Create a 2D or 3D egg using whatever materials you can find at home! Decorate it and send me a photo of it! Maybe, you could give it to someone in your family as an Easter present?

Music–  Listen to and try to sing along with  ‘Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears’ composed by Brendan Graham (many versions on YouTube – personally, I love Dolores Keane & Seán Keane version) It tells the story of Annie Moore, a young girl who emigrated to the USA, to escape poverty and hunger in Ireland. She was the first person to disembark the ship and  enter the new Ellis Island immigration inspection station in New York harbour in 1892.


Lots of activities have already been sent to your parents by Ms.Sadlier. How are your burpees coming along? How many now in 20 seconds? Try some of GAA Skills challenges that you’ll find online

That’s all for now. Make the most of the lovely weather and don’t forget, be kind, be kind, be kind!

Please also see below suggestions from the SET- Special Education Team 

If you have any questions you can contact us on our school emails –pgrey@tarahillns.ie, rmcgirr@tarahillns.ie, hfurlong@tarahillns.ie

Suggested Spelling Activities  – SET

Compose your own Mnemonics for difficult to remember words e.g.

Sure- Santa usually rushes everywhere

Friend- You don’t fri your friend/ i to the end will be your friend

Again- angry goldfish attack innocent nemo

  • Look for rhyming words/Put words in families e.g. fold, hold, cold, sold, told etc
  • Find little words inside big words
  • Twinkl have super resources for spelling activities for all abilities.
  • Other websites to use are



  • Apps – spellingcity.com


  • If you have Magnetic/plastic letters you can use the method

Read it

Make it

Write it

This is a method that is highly recommended.

  • Crosswords

Remember – the more books your child is exposed to will give them the ability to “see” if a word looks correct or not.




5th Class Emergency Closure March 12th


* Spelling workbook – One unit to be completed each week ( please ensure that you date your work)
* Holes – Three chapters each week

* Write a narrative piece, including a dialogue (‘said’ alternatives) on a subject of your choice ( at least two copy pages in length)


* Read for at least 30 minutes daily



* Maths Mate – Two ‘In Your Head’ pages to be completed each week, starting from beginning of the book ( please ensure that you date your work)


* Practise long multiplication & long division


* Tables – practise multiplication and division tables using on line games & websites

Compose 7 sentences each week using your Frásaí

(Bhí orm….. / Dúirt múinteoir liom…../ Níl a fhios agam conas…./Is féidir liom……/An bhfuil cead agam……/Rinne me dearmad…./Ba mhaith liom )


* Revise Foclóir & all your work in your Cóipleabhar Ghaeilge


* Invention Project to be completed

* Europaedia – 10 capital cities & 1fact for each country to be learned.
– Finish colouring in flags and EU members


* Aztec art – print off and colour


* Research Mexico’s physical geography and culture, on-line


Optional work:
* Devise a crossword on a subject of your choice

* Devise a cloze procedure on a subject of your choice

* Keep a daily diary

* Write a newspaper article about the school closure

* Interview a parent or sibling about their school life & memories.

* Cook / Bake – Write out and decorate the recipe once you’ve finished your creation!
* Sign into Duo Lingo website and practise your Gaeilge!

  • Twinkl is a great site for lots of really good resources and they are offering free access for 1 month due to school closures which is brilliant.

Special Education Team – Emergency Work –  links below also



Useful links for 5th




















Special Education Team – Emergency Work

Below are some really useful websites that you might like to have a look at:



www.readingbear.org – phonics


www.sightwords.com – good for sightwords

www.oxfordowl.co.uk – ebook library and other bits