Obair Bhaile  22 Meitheamh 26ú Meitheamh

Dia dhaoibh gach éinne,

Well, can you believe that we have finally reached the last full week of 5th class! Maith sibh! While it’s been a strange ending to our year, I think that overall we have had a positive and productive journey together. By now, you’ll know that we’ll be continuing this journey together in 6th and I’m really looking forward to it. I know that each and every one of you will show great leadership and set a wonderful example, as the most senior class in the school.


Spellings– Check each unit of your spelling book and find the words that you struggled with. Write them into the page 74 of the book. You can also write any of the ious spellings that caused you difficulty

Reading –    Holes Reviews

Click on the above link and read the two reviews of the novel Holes. Do you agree with these reviews?  Which review do you think is more effective? What have these reviews in common?

Writing –  As it is the end of the year I’d like you to write a review of 5th class. Having read the reviews of the novel, maybe use some of the language and style you saw there.

Don’t forget to include our trip to Dublin, Sing Out Loud, Fighting Words Workshop, our Christmas play, our French Day, our online learning experiences and anything else you can remember.


Click on these links :  Long Multiplication and  Long Division . When you have completed the worksheet, check your answers using a calculator.

Tables – Go back to the links I’ve sent you over the past few weeks and play the online games daily.

SPHE –  I hope you’re still using the calendars that I sent you during Wellness Week? I’m going to send you a separate email with a link to some of the photos I took of you over the year. Hopefully, they’ll bring back great memories. In the email, you’ll also see the gallery of our Mexican Day.

Sin é ! I hope you all have a wonderful summer filled with sun, fun and lots of laughter! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you all this year and I’m very confident that we’re going to have great craic in rang a 6!

Tog go bog é agus tabhair aire






Obair Bhaile 15ú Meitheamh-19ú Meitheamh

Dia dhaoibh!

Conas atá sibh? I hope everyone enjoyed the Great Outdoors week and spent lots of time exploring and enjoying our surroundings. This week we are going to be super active! As we won’t be having a Sports Day, we’re going to have a home based Sports Week! I’m not going to give you much school work as I’d rather you were outside doing your activities, getting fit and enjoying yourselves!


  • Spellings

In the second way to pronounce the –ious ending, the I is not silent. It has a long E sound, followed by the short U sound, as above. So, the pronunciation of the whole –ious ending is “ee-us.”  Please learn the spellings below using the Look, Cover, Say Write ,Check method

  • previous
  • curious
  • rebellious
  • serious
  • envious
  • notorious
  • glorious
  • obvious
  • victorious
  • tedious
  • studious
  • various
  • furious
  • mysterious
  • harmonious
  • luxurious
  • oblivious


  • Vocabulary –Look up the definitions of this week’s spellings and put each one into a sentence, please. You do not need to write the definition.



  • Reading – As it’s sports week, I’d like you to research a sports person, who inspires you. Read about their lives and tell your family three interesting facts that you have discovered





This week I’m asking you to look study your revision videos. They really will help you for 6th class



Sports Week


We have a padlet outlining the daily activities for the week – https://padlet.com/asunderland1/qj1co9v1bj9ojxfj .


Please try to be as active as possible this week and try to follow some of the suggestions in this padlet




  • As it’s an active week I’d like you to follow the PAWS programme which is a water safety course. It’s really important that we learn how to be safe in the water. You’ll find the resources by clicking on Teach PAWS website too.





Sin é! I’d love to see some photos of your active week and you might send me your thoughts after your virtual school tour at enilionain@tarahillns.ie


Tog go bog é














Obair Bhaile  8ú Meitheamh – 12 Meitheamh

Dia dhaoibh!

Conas atá gach éinne? I hope everyone enjoyed their Bank Holiday break and the glorious weather. Did you focus on your wellness and mental health last week? Please keep it up and follow the affirmation and well-being action calendars. I’m sure you’re all making the most of our lovely beaches, forests and hills – our beautiful surroundings are so beneficial to our overall well-being. We only have three weeks left of 5th class and then we’ll gallop into our summer holidays!


Spellings – all the adjectives below end in ious (a short U sound which sounds like ’us’)

  • ambitious
  • suspicious
  • delicious
  • religious
  • superstitious
  • conscious
  • ferocious
  • precious
  • cautious
  • vicious
  • spacious
  • gracious
  • fictitious

Use the Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check method to learn these spellings

Vocabulary – I’d like you to put the above spellings/adjectives into your Vocabulary copies and then find their definitions and put them into sentences.

Reading – Starlight – pg 186 –Read this acrostic poem silently and aloud. Don’t forget to add expression and some dramatic flair, as you recite it to your audience

Poetry Writing – I’d like you to compose your own alphabet poem now based on the topic of 5th class. So, like the poem on pg 186, each line will begin with a letter of the alphabet. Think of all the memories you have of 5th class (our trip to Dublin- Dáil Éireann, Trinity College, National Museum; Sing Out Loud; Our Christmas play, funny incidents, favourite subjects/topics etc) This poem will be a review of our year together.

Story Telling – I hope you enjoyed the two videos from last week and that your story is developing. This week Mikel will teach you how to engage your audience and make your story fascinating.   He’ll also tell you the story of the Salmon of Knowledge, an Irish myth  https://youtu.be/nlvUZ7uVlhY . As you listen to his telling of the story, try to figure out how he keeps his audience so interested in a story, which is so well known already.



Bar charts show the results of surveys.

Please watch the following video on how to read a bar chart     https://youtu.be/3e1SIAPan8E

  • Cracking Maths – pg 190 4 (a-h)
  • Maths Mate – pg 9 (1)

Now, I want you to watch this video on how to draw a bar chart correctly


  • Maths Mate – pg 9 (2)
  • Draw your own bar chart based on a topic of your choice

e.g.  Survey the people in your home and extended family or friends (ring them or email them) and ask them to choose their favourite out of 5 desserts you suggested, or 6 colours, or 7 animals. Try to have at least 10 people in your survey.

Tables – This week, I want you to try out the tables game at the link below. You choose a character – explorer, pirate, bunny, princess or robot and then you try to get across the dangerous rope bridge as quickly as you can! Each day please choose a different set of tables. Start with x9 on Monday and then choose other sets.  https://www.mathschase.com/

Revision Videos – Please watch the videos below

https://youtu.be/FcOU6DF876M Parts of circle ( Note new words – chord & tangent)

https://youtu.be/MUVQY6Oo5x8 Prime Numbers

https://youtu.be/63qQOYbZS0g Square Numbers



Abair Liom – lch 156 – Scríobh amach na ceisteanna agus freagair iad

e.g. An maith leat milseain? Is maith liom milseáin

An dtaitníonn pancóga leat? Taitníonn pancóga go mór liom

I’ll send audio clip for pronunciation as usual

Foghlaim – cairdiúil, cinéalta, greannmhar, cainteach, cliste, gealgháireach (lch 155)

  • Aisteoir, feirmeoir, fiaclóir, gruagaire, tógálaí, tréidlia ( lch 155)
  • Torthaí , glasraí, fíonchaora, pónairí, feoil, bagún,bradán, anraith (lch 156)



  • This is the Great Outdoors/Science week and I’d like you to make a real effort to go outside and really notice your surroundings. Lie on the grass and see what you can see! Lift up a stone and see what mini beasts are lurking beneath it. What’s happening beneath that hedge? We’re inviting you to photograph, create, make or write about this great world of ours.

Send your entries to me and we’ll put them together as a school

  • Virtual Mexican Day!!!

You know how I’ve always encouraged you to use your initiative, well, I received an email from one of you last week, wondering that as our Mexican Day didn’t happen, could we have a virtual Mexican Day! I think it’s a super idea!

So, just like our French themed Day, dress up in Mexican attire, cook Mexican food, draw Aztec art, sketch a Mexican flag or map and then send me some photographs. I’ll put them all into a virtual online gallery and send it to you next week. You can add messages to your classmates too. Try to include a photo of yourself with your Mexican cooking or drawing – We all miss seeing each other!


  • Aztec Art Ideas




  • As this is the Great Outdoors week, challenge yourself to create something using only materials that you would find outside!

P.E. – I’m sure you’re all keeping active in some way each day. I’d like you to challenge yourself to increase your activity each day and keep a record of how much time you spend each day, with your pulse raised. Don’t forget to take your pulse before and after the exercise. As well as your usual activities why not check out the following:



SPHE – As I said earlier, please continue with your wellbeing calendars for this month. I’d also like you to do a random act of kindness each day this week. It can be a small gesture like offering someone a seat or to make them a cup of tea, but in showing kindness to others, we automatically feel better about ourselves. So everyone’s a winner!







As we’re appreciating our wonderful world around us, this week I’d like you to listen to and sing along with ‘What a Wonderful World’ sung by the world famous Louis Armstrong (1901-1971). His https://youtu.be/p-T6aaRV9HY ps://yhttps://youtu.be/p-T6aaRV9HY     See below a link to Louis Armstrong’s biography. I guarantee you that your parents and grandparents have all heard about this man.



Sin é

Looking forward to seeing our Mexican Day come to life! I’d better find a recipe for my Mexican contribution!!

Tabhair aire











Obair Bhaile   3ú Meitheamh – 5ú Meitheamh

Dia dhaoibh,

Hope everyone is well? The glorious weather is definitely cheering us all up! This week there are only three days of school so Happy Days!!! This week, apart from a few basic lessons, we’re focusing on our own well being and mental health. This is wellness week. It’s so important to look after ourselves both physically and mentally. I want you to focus on being kind to yourself as well as to other people.


* Access the following link   file:///C:/Users/35387/Downloads/Calendar.pdf

It is a calendar for June with positive thoughts and affirmations. To affirm someone is to offer them emotional support and encouragement. While others often praise and affirm us, we also need to be able to affirm ourselves. Sometimes we feel that it’s boastful to say ‘I’m great’ or ‘I’m amazing’ etc but if you are saying it to yourself and not in a way that puts other people down, it is a really important way to improve your self-esteem. With stronger self-esteem and self- belief, we become happier people. So, for June, please follow the calendar and each day say the relevant affirmation, either silently, to yourself in the mirror or shout it out as you run through the garden. I will do likewise!

* Our school motto ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated’ is a really powerful recipe for a great life. By being kind and caring to others, we feel better about ourselves and feel happier. Using the link below, you’ll see another calendar that I’d like you to follow for the month of June. It’s a Wellbeing Action calendar. Some of the actions are based on being kind to yourself and some are being kind to others. Doing both, is how we achieve an authentic and fulfilled life.


* The following link is a step by step guide to the basics of mindfulness through meditation. Sometimes life can become very busy and hectic. These audio clips will help you to be present in the moment and become calmer. I find meditation really helps me to rest and steady my mind. Try to listen to The First Five this week.


* RSE (Relationships & Sexuality Education) As the children won’t be getting their usual RSE talk in school this year, I will be sending out an email with all the relevant information and links, on Wednesday morning.

English       * Read, read, read!

* Spellings – Revise spellings learned from last week. Activities -pg 72 (5,6 & 7) pg 73 ( 9, 10 & 11)

* Starlight – Read pg 176-178 (silently & aloud)

* Vocabularyveteran (adj), prevent (v), grim (adj), authentic (adj), dedicated (adj), essential(adj), stranded(adj), daunting(adj), hostile (adj), novice (n) invest(v) -Definitions and sentences

* Persuasive writing – Last week I asked you to plan a newspaper article about a place that you would recommend as a holiday destination. This week I’d like you to write your first draft. Before you begin, study Section G, pg 181 of Starlight. Here you will find helpful tips and notes that will add to your article. (I’m hoping to see questions, emotive words, facts and opinions-Obviously I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed to see capital letters, full stops, adjectives, adverbs, sentences beginning with verbs and conjunctions!)

* Story telling – We all love to listen to a good story, don’t we? Telling a great story is also fabulous. One of the greatest story tellers I’ve ever heard is a Sligo man called Mikel Murfi. He writes one man shows and performs them beautifully. I think I told you, during the year,  about his shows and how special they are. I’ve been to see these shows repeatedly. He can keep an audience of 100s entranced by his story telling. I’m attaching two YouTube videos where he is teaching us how to become a story teller. He’s really interesting to listen to so please try and watch the full videos.

https://youtu.be/IYZKdRIbL3s Week 1 – Watch this video first and he gives you some oral homework about story gathering

https://youtu.be/7g9FYkeoR-k Week 2 – If you’ve watched the first video and you’ve gathered your stories like Mikel asked, watch this video now. In it, he tells a story that will show you how wonderful a storyteller he is and he gives tips to help you improve your storytelling

Maths          – No Maths worksheets this week!!!

* This week we are continuing to work with Capacity. Remember 1000ml = 1 litre

Maths Mate – pg 86 – 1,2,3,4 7 5   ( 6 & 7 are optional)   pg 87-   1, 2, 3 & 4   ( 5,6, 7 & 8 are optional)

* Revision videos – It’s really important to watch these videos

Expressing one quantity as a fraction of another  https://youtu.be/WzebFXp2BXI

Fractions of amounts https://youtu.be/TXJOIs7vXMs

Improper Fractions to Mixed Number https://youtu.be/hqxjP3lYHiQ

Mixed number to Improper Fraction https://youtu.be/_JC2Pxz-UEM

Tables- Practise all your tables using the following two links. They are fun games!           https://www.topmarks.co.uk/times-tables/coconut-multiples



* 15 nóiméid Duolingo

* Abair Liom – lch 155 – Scríobh amach na ceisteanna agus na freagraí (8)

e.g. Cad is ainm duit?    Éadaoin is ainm dom

Cén aois thú ?     Tá mé  ?  d’aois!!!

Cén sort duine thú?   Is duine cainteach mé!!

I will send a recording of the pronunciation of this page on Wednesday morning.

Foghlaim – máthair, athair, tuismitheoirí, deirfiúr, deartháir, seanmháthair, seanathair, aintín, uncail, col ceathrar.



As it’s a short week, I’m going to attach all the videos we’ve watched so far, to help your revision.


https://youtu.be/M8Rbj7H0eX4             The Great Famine

https://youtu.be/-3UjJ5kxiLI              World War 1 in 6 minutes

https://youtu.be/QFj23OFl2Kw                 Life in the Trenches

https://youtu.be/-db8kr38Ox4                   Life in 1914

Geography             https://www.google.com/earth/versions/#earth-for-web


https://youtu.be/Gmml-BmFSC0             Something Fishy

https://youtu.be/alxpWtFji8I              Something Fishy Part 2

https://youtu.be/QuSKcSpwjro                          Ireland’s seashore








Art – Use the link below for a fun mindfulness art idea called ‘I am Here’



All exercise and activity helps us to feel better as endorphins (chemicals in our bodies) are released and they trigger a positive feeling in the body. So please keep as active as you can!

Below you’ll find a link to a five-minute yoga morning workout. It should set you up for the day. I’ve been trying to do it every morning and I’ve found that the stretches and exercises really help my mind and body.


Sin é! Slán go fóill agus ná dean dearmad ‘Be kind, be kind, be kind’

Tabhair aire,


Obair Bhaile  25ú Bealtaine – 28ú  Bealtaine

Dia dhaoibh gach éinne!,

Hope everyone had a great week and enjoyed the lovely weather. Did you watch the photo message from the teachers? We would love to say it in person, but for now we must put up with a virtual greeting. While there has been some easing of restrictions since May 18th, we still need to remember that we need to stay home as much as possible. Fan sa bhaile! According to our school calendar we were due to be closed this Friday. Therefore I am only setting work for four days (I can hear you cheering from here!!!)Again, I’m reminding you to do as much as you are able to do and not to put yourself under pressure, as I know each household is operating under different circumstances.


* Bí ag léamh, ag léamh agus ag léamh!!!!

* Spellings – Unit 18 – Learn all spellings. Activities – pg 70 (1 & 2)

* Starlight – Why Holidays at Home are Awesome -pg 170-172 -Read alone and then aloud

* Vocabulary – plot (v), accommodation (n), destiny (n), sceptical (adj), pointless (adj), petrified (adj), picturesque (adj), verdict (n) – Definition & Sentence

* 175 (F) Fact and Opinion.       A fact is something that can be proved to be true

                                  An opinion is what someone thinks or believes

-Write fact or opinion for each of the sentences (1-6). I’ve done the first one for you: 1 = Fact.

-Write one fact & one opinion about each of the following: France, Covid 19, oranges, reading

* pg 175 ( G ) Plan a persuasive newspaper article about a place you would recommend for a holiday. This week, I want you to choose your destination and research it using the questions in G (2). We’re only planning the article this week, so take notes and maybe plan the layout of your article (where will you put photos/images & factboxes; what subheadings will you use.)


* Maths worksheets and last week’s answers to follow on Sunday night

* This week we’re learning about capacity which is the measure of the amount of liquid a container can hold. If you have been baking, you’ll have used a measuring jug marked with millilitres. Every liquid you buy in the shops, will have litres or millilitres written on its side.

* Go to your fridge and cupboard and see how many liquids you can find. Write down the name/description and what its capacity is (e.g. Milk = 1 litre).

* We must remember that just like weight and length, there are 1000ml in a litre

* CM – pg 206  –   2 (b,c,d,e,f )  e.g (a) 4098ml= 4 litres 98 ml

3 (b,c,d,e,f)   e.g. (a) 1litre 637ml = 1637 ml

– pg 207  –   4 ( b,c,d,e,f)  e.g (a) 1 litre 163 ml = 1.163 litre

–  5 (a,b,c,d ) Remember to change them to the same units before you start!

* Revision videos – It’s really important that you watch all of these videos. They will help you revise as fractions are on the 6th class curriculum too!

Equivalent Fractions –     https://youtu.be/oXRM-FdOE8w

Simplifying Fractions –   https://youtu.be/nRMWUNl1YZY

Adding Fractions –         https://youtu.be/IvCSDf0yPiI



Tables – https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

On the menu page, try out Halves and Doubles this week



* I will be sending you a recording of me saying na frasaí nua we have learned over the last few weeks to help with your pronounciation. (email oíche Domhnaigh leis na freagraí Mata). Éist agus abair na frásaí arís agus arís agus arís!

* Frása nuaTá mé chun – I am going to (Tá mé chun mo sheomra a ghlanadh amárach; Níl mé chun mo obair bhaile a dhéanamh mar tá tuirse orm)

* Abair Liom – lch 162 – An Aimsir – 1. Cén sort aimsire ata ann inniu?

  1. Cén sort lae atá ann?

Freagair na ceisteanna seo (1 nó 2) gach lá i do chóipleabhair (Féach amach an fhuinneog!!!)

(e.g.) An Luan –     Tá an aimsir scamallach agus fuar inniu.

An Mháirt –   Tá sé gaofar agus ceomhar ach tá sé ag dul i bhfeabhas

An Chéadaoin – Lá grianmhar atá ann

An Deardaoin



* Small World – Read pages 64 & 65. Discuss what you’ve learned so far about electricity with your family. Watch the following videos:

Circuits – https://youtu.be/HOFp8bHTN30

Morse Code – https://youtu.be/iy8BaMs_JuI

Series and Parallel Circuits – https://youtu.be/js7Q-r7G9ug




*History Quest – pg 73 -Check that you understand the Key Vocabulary in this Chapter.

– Activity C ( 1 & 3) – in your copy

* Finish your WW1 visual Explosion

* Before you watch the following video which summarises WW1 in 6 minutes –

https://youtu.be/-3UjJ5kxiLI , read through the vocabulary below which you’ll hear in the video.

allegiances loyalty or commitment to a group or cause
fortifying Make something more able to resist an attack; make stronger
fundamental error A basic and important mistake
artillery Large, powerful guns which can be moved from one place to another for land battles
shrapnel Pieces of a bomb thrown out by an explosion
naval Belonging to a country’s navy
reinforcements Back up forces
armistice An agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop the fighting
treaty A formal agreement between countries
reparations The compensation for war damage paid by a defeated state


Geography     * Continue learning your Capital Cities in your Europaedia.

* Did you use Google Earth https://www.google.com/earth/versions/#earth-for-web to explore. Keep exploring

* Revise Ireland’s counties – https://youtu.be/tknrcrfceuo


P.E. *  Design an obstacle course in your garden using whatever you can find. Make sure the participants will be running, crawling, jumping over and under, throwing, catching and every other action you can think of. Try to encourage everyone (including parents) to take part Now, before the warm up, take everyone’s pulse. Take pulses at the end of the course also. Have fun!!!

Draw the design of your obstacle course. I’d love to see it


Music     *   It’s summer so let’s sing and dance! I dare you not to join into these songs!!!



This song will remind you of all your wonderful friends and even though you can’t see them at the moment they’ll still be there for you, when we return to normal https://youtu.be/Yc6T9iY9SOU



Art       https://www.nationalgallery.ie/virtual-tour

Off you go to Dublin and have a virtual tour of our National Art Gallery. See if you can spot a painting that impresses you and try to copy it.


Theme 9- We are called to love and serve the Church – pages 102 – 105


Sin é. Well done to those who tried the Kahoot quiz. I’ll send on all the answers from the two quizzes to you soon. Missing you all. Keep strong and stay safe.

Tóg go bog é

Tabhair aire



P.S. Arya thoroughly enjoyed her birthday. That’s what she barked to me, anyway!!!









Obair Baile 18ú Bealtaine- 22 Bealtaine

Dia dhaoibh go léir,

Conas atá sibh? Tá súil agam go bhfuil gach éinne go maith. Tá an aimsir go hiontach, buíochas le Dia. I’ve heard from parents and students, that you have been engaging with the work I’ve set each week and also being creative with the rest of your time. Maith sibh! Using your imagination and creativity is so important at this time as we are limited by the necessary travel restrictions, so we need to make our own spaces interesting and fun! Build that tree house, plant those flowers, let a book take you to a faraway place, dance every day! It’s up to each one of us to make our lives interesting and keep everybody’s spirits up!


* Read, read & read – Send me a photo of all the books you have read since the 12th of March!

* Spellings – Unit 17 (revise all spellings) Activities – pg 68 (5,6 & 7) & 69 (8, 9 & 10) Don’t forget to add any words that you found difficult to spell, to page 74 of your Spelling Book

* Starlight– pg 66 – 68 – Nellie Bly – Read alone and then aloud to an audience

* Vocabularyvulnerable(adj), appalling(adj), despicable(adj), ethical(adj), inmate(n), respectfully(adv), fortunate(adj), expose (v), illuminating (adj), inspire(v) -Definition & Sentence. Sentences to begin with verbs, adverbs or a time conjunction.

* Persuasive Writing intends to convince readers to believe in an idea or opinion. We see this in the article about Nellie Bly. Both letters were trying to convince the reader of differing opinions. We already touched on this when we composed our debates about school uniforms!

– Please study page 71 of Starlight (Section F) where we see that we need to use emotive language, questions and personal opinions, to convince our audience of our opinion. Re-read the Nellie Bly piece and see if you can pick out where the author uses emotive language, questions and personal opinions.

– I’d like you to write a convincing paragraph giving your opinion on whether children should do any household chores. Make sure that you include emotive language, questions and personal opinions! When you’re finished, read it aloud to your parents and ask them if you have convinced them!


*Maths worksheets will be emailed to you on Sunday night along with last week’s answers.

Weight – Don’t forget that there are 1000g in a kg so when you are adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing, you must take that fact into account.

CM- pg 187 3 ( b,c,) 4 ( b,c) 5 (b,c, e) 6 (b,c, e) -I’m including a completed example of each section to help you. In each question, I’ve done part (a) -see photo below. Remember, you can do these questions using kg and g, kg alone (decimal point) or grams alone. Please vary the methods you use in the work I’ve set you.


Maths Mate – pg74 (3) (a-t)

Completed example (o) 7/8 kg

1/8 kg = 1000g ÷ 8 =125g

7/8 kg = 125g  x 7 = 875 g

Answer = 875g

(4) (a-l)

Completed example (g) Write 50 g as a fraction of a kg

50/1000 = 5/100 = 1/20

Answer=      1/20 kg

Please make an effort to watch the following videos as they will help you to remember what we had learned earlier in the year.

https://youtu.be/ALcBC-p82Q0 – Measuring angles

https://youtu.be/FBopx1rCSPM – Drawing angles

https://youtu.be/QEsjIeSnEHU –    Angles in a triangle

Tables – Check out this link. It’s a fun Tables game – I spent ages competing against myself and trying to improve my score!!! (It’s a bit addictive!) In the menu mage, try the Times Tables and the Square Numbers https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button



* 15 nóiméid Duolingo gach lá

* Abair Liom lch 154 – revise!  Iarr ar duine éigin scrúdú a dhéanamh leat.

* Frásaí nua -scríobh na frasaí nua i do chóipleabhair agus foghlaim iad. Úsáid na frásaí seo agus na frásaí ó lch 154 sa bhaile, le do thoil.

Tog go bog é – Take it easy ( Tog go bog é. Tá gach rud ceart go leor)

Buíochas le Dia – Thanks be to God ( Tá mé níos fearr, buíochas le Dia)

Le cúnamh Dé – With God’s help (Please God) ( Beidh críochnaithe agam go luath, le cúnamh Dé)

Tá súil agam – I hope…. ( Tá súil agam go bhfuil milseáin sa chófra!!!)

Tá/Níl mé cinnte – I am/I’m not sure ( Cá bhfuil Áine? Níl mé cinnte)

Déan iarracht – Make an effort ( Déan iarracht do obair bhaile a chríochnú; Rinne mé iarracht mo sheomra a ghlanadh ach níor éirí liom mar bhí tuirse orm! Déanfaidh mé iarracht níos fearr amárach!)

Tabhair aire – Take care ( Tabhair aire duit féin. Tabhair aire do mo mhadra le do thoil!)




Science – This week we are learning about electricity – what it is, how it is produced and how we need to use it wisely.

* Small world – Read pg 62 & 63 – Discuss what you’ve learned with an adult. In your copy, write down 8 interesting facts.

* Watch the following three videos. They are really interesting and explain all about electricity in a very simple manner.

https://youtu.be/oB1v-wh7EGU – What is electricity?

https://youtu.be/ZXjs66819i0 – renewable and non-renewable electricity sources & interesting facts

https://youtu.be/cWgs-dCIxV0 -a description of the electricity producing wind farm on Croghan mountain. Many of you can see the wind turbines from your houses. We can see them from the school.



* World War 1 – History Quest -page 69 & 70. Read and discuss what you’ve learned so far about WW1 with your family.

* Continue with the visual explosion that you began last week.

* Watch this video https://youtu.be/QFj23OFl2Kw which shows what life was like for the soldiers in the trenches. Read the postcards on pages 71 & 72 of History Quest . Now, imagine that you are a soldier during WW1 and write a letter home, describing what life is like for you on the battle field. Remember, the letter format.


* Continue learning your Capital Cities in your Europaedia.

* Did you use Google Earth https://www.google.com/earth/versions/#earth-for-web to explore? Explore some more. Pick a country and explore the sights. In your copy write a list of ten countries that you intend to visit when you’re older. Include the places and tourist attractions that you’d like to see. Maybe add drawings or photos to your World Trip!


* Theme 9 – We are called to love and serve the church (lesson 1) pages 98-101. In this chapter you will explore our parish and diocese and the key people within the Church


* Design and colour an Anti-War poster that would discourage countries from going to war again. Ensure that it has a catchy slogan.

* Ms Sadlier already told you about the Art Gallery idea. It would be great if everyone would try to send in a piece of their work along with a message to their classmates.





* We’ve been learning about electricity so I’d like you to listen and sing along to the song Mr Blue Sky https://youtu.be/G8dsvclf3Tk   by Electric Light Orchestra (An English rock band formed in the 1970s). This link is the official video and it has spectacular animation.

* I’m also attaching another link which includes the lyrics https://youtu.be/GswbT5zfmRE In this video, the last minute and a half is a beautiful instrumental piece.

* Any fans of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 might recognise this song. It’s a really uplifting piece and tells us that though times can be tough, good times will return!

* Please continue to practise ‘isle of Hope, Isle of Tears’,’ It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and ‘Pack up your Troubles’

P.E. This week we’ll focus on running lessons. See below

* https://vimeo.com/404404521  https://vimeo.com/404409956  https://vimeo.com/404412589

* Please check your pulse rate before and after your activities (Remember, count the pulse for 10 seconds and then multiply the number by 6. You now know your heart rate per minute)



It’s so important that we keep healthy. Yet sometimes we forget that we need to keep our minds healthy too. Our minds control ever part of us so it’s vital that we look after our mental health. Some days it’s harder than others as we all have issues to deal with. However, Mr Blue Sky will appear again. I’d like you to watch and listen to these two videos.

The first one https://youtu.be/vFL5NVkn-CY  tells us that while we may have trouble, a bright blue sky is still there waiting for us. The second video is a ten minute guided meditation https://youtu.be/64QzBuhsyuk  focusing on remembering everything that we have to be thankful for. We sometimes forget what we have because we get so busy looking at what we don’t have. This meditation could even help if you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep. I hope you find these videos beneficial.

Sin é. Keep the photos and random bits of information coming enilionain@tarahillns.ie  I love hearing from you. I’ll be sending you a Kahoot quiz on Sunday night (based on the last two week’s work and some random questions!) along with the Maths worksheets and Maths answers.

Tog go bog é !



P.S. It’s Arya’s birthday today (14/5/20) She’s two years old.  Obviously, we’ll be having cake to celebrate!





Obair Bhaile    11ú Bealtaine – 15ú Bealtaine

Dia dhaoibh, Conas atá sibh inniu? I hope everyone had a great week and thanks so much for the lovely photos (gorgeous new puppies !) you sent and for keeping me up to date with how you’re spending your days. I’m keeping occupied by tackling thorny briars in the garden, playing with and walking the beloved Arya, helping my three with their school work and of course sampling all Méabh’s baking!!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the Kahoot quiz and I won’t mention to Arya, that not all of you remembered her name !!!!!!    I’ll be sending another one next week based on the recent learning which you have done.


* Read, read, read!!!!

* Spellings – Unit 17 (words ending in al, ish, age, ship) Activities – pg 66 (1 & 2) pg 67 (3 &4)

* Starlight – pg 182 -Seaside Scene – Read and practise reciting the poem with some dramatic flare!     Avoid using a monotonous voice!!!

* Vocabulary – decamp(v), transfixed(v), subside(v), parasol(n), intervene(v), relinquish(v)clutch(v)Please write definitions and sentences for the above vocabulary. Each sentence must begin with a verb or an adverb (see adverb list I sent a few weeks ago)  e.g   ‘Reluctantly, 6th class realised that they had no choice but to relinquish the title of Soccer Super Stars, after 5th class trounced them in the tense final! Deciding to decamp alone to Mexico city for a year, was definitely one of Grandad’s more unusual ideas!

Poetry A. Starlight pg 183 B (1-5) Comprehension questions. Star Question also. Alliteration is when two or more words in a sentence begin with the same sound e.g The boy buzzed around as busy as a bee.

  1. Now I’d like you to compose a poem based on all things marine! Remember to start by thinking of your 5 senses (what can you hear, smell, taste, touch, see). In poetry, we want to say as much as we can with as few words as possible (often ‘the’ ‘are’ ‘is’ etc are excluded – ‘Waves crash and bang’ instead of ‘The waves crash and bang’) Poems do not have to rhyme! Include some alliteration in your poem, please.

C .Ask your parents/grandparents if they have a favourite poem. Write or type it out, mount it and decorate it. It might even be a poem that they learned in school! You now have a lovely present for them that will certainly put a smile on their faces. If you can keep it as a surprise until you give it to them, all the better. ( Even if you only have a line or two of the poem, just Google it and you’ll find it hopefully)

Maths * Maths worksheets will be emailed to you on Sunday night along with last week’s answers.

* This week we’re going to study weight. The key message that I would like you to learn is

1g = 0.001kg

1000g = 1kg

1000kg= 1 tonne



Please watch the video. It explains how to convert grams to kilograms  https://youtu.be/7j4GNdqTnzw

Cracking Maths – pg 183 (2)     pg 184 (7)  e.g  I’ve done the first one for you ( see below)

g Kg g kg
1780 g 1kg 780 g 1.78kg

Each week from now on, I’m also going to be attaching a revision video based on work we did earlier in the year. This week we’re revising angles.                                                                                                   Hopefully, you’ll remember it when you watch the video  https://youtu.be/lYefiunFAuU


Gaeilge * Foclóir – Abair Liom lch 174– fuar, scamallach, dorcha, tirim, salach, mall, folamh, saor, éasca, leadránach, gránna, go dona, go huafásach – Scríobh na focail seo i do chóipleabhair agus foghlaim iad, le do thoil. ( Please ask someone to test you on all the foclóir on lch 174)

* Lch 154 – Foghlaim na frásaí seo – Aon scéal?; Ta cabhair uaim; Cén Ghaeilge atá ar….?; Ná bí buartha.  Ná bac le ….; Rinne mé é trí thimpiste ; Cad atá cearr leat?

You should already know na frásaí eile? If not, foghlaim iad!!! There will be frásaí in the next Kahoot!

* Dúirt múinteoir liom mo lámha a ghlanadh – Scríobh 5 abairtí eile ag tosú le ‘Dúirt muinteoir liom……..

Science -Small world pg 25 – Eels and Amphibians- Read and discuss.   I’d like you to watch the following video which is a very interesting study of Ireland’s seashore and the creatures that live there – limpets, dog whelks and mussels.  https://youtu.be/QuSKcSpwjro   It’ll give you ideas for your poem!

History  We’re moving on from the 19th century (The Great Famine) and focusing on the early 20th century and World War 1.

History Quest ( If you don’t have the book , it’s available to view for free on www.cjfallon.ie – Follow Covid 19 link) Please read pages 67 & 68 and discuss it with your family. They might have some stories about WW1. In your Leabhar Mór, I’d like you to start your visual explosion and keep adding important facts, dates, pictures as we study WW1 over the next few weeks.

Please watch the following video. It’s an animation of what life would have been like for a young child in London during the World War  https://youtu.be/-db8kr38Ox4


* Euopaedia – I’m hoping that you know all your capital cities by now? Next week’s Kahoot!!!

* This morning I visited Paris and then moved on to Rome!! It was stunning! You can too! Just follow this link https://www.google.com/earth/versions/#earth-for-web and you can travel virtually to any European city! In fact, you can go anywhere on earth. By scrolling up and down, zooming in and click on the 3D icon, you feel like you’re flying just above the area. I visited Tara Hill, in between Paris and Rome. The aerial shot of the hill is fascinating. Maybe you can find your own house after you’ve been to Europe?

Religion Theme 8 – Lesson 4 pg 94-97 – Learn about the fruits of the Holy Spirit and about people who put the fruits of the Holy Spirit into action – Sister Stanislaus Kennedy & Willie Bermingham. Do you know people who live spirit filled lives?

Art – I’m assuming you’re still working on the Time Capsule I sent you last week? If you’re finished that I’m attaching a You Tube link on how to draw Sea Creatures. https://youtu.be/33yTQxC7nRE I tried it this morning and even my attempts were recognisable!!! During the video, a beautiful piece of music by Strauss is playing. It’s a waltz called the Blue Danube. Composed in 1866, it’s still very popular today. The Danube is Europe’s second longest river, located in Central and Eastern Europe. Look it up!

Music – As well as listening to the Blue Danube (Recognise the instruments?), I’m attaching a link to two songs that were sung as marching songs during World War 1. As the troops made their way around Europe to fight, music lifted their spirits and helped them while they marched https://youtu.be/XdZG0SEPblU. Irish soldiers were heard singing ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ as they marched through France in 1914 and it quickly became popular with other groups in the British Army.

SPHE. I would like you to compliment yourself this week for being so brave and following the instructions our government gave us, to keep each other safe. I’m so impressed by the young people who have not seen their friends for almost two months now, as it must be very difficult for you. I miss my friends too.  The reward is that when all this is over, you can look back and say that you did the right thing, that you played your part for the good of all. As well as complimenting yourself, maybe you’ll find time to compliment everybody in your family? Maybe it’s their cooking, their patience, their Lego creation? We know that it’s important to give a compliment as well as to receive one.


Sin é. As always, any queries, questions or just to say hello, contact me at enilionain@tarahillns.ie

Slán go fóill







Obair Bhaile – 4ú Bealtaine – 8ú Bealtaine

Dia dhaoibh!

Hope everyone is keeping well and making the most of the extra, unexpected free time that you now have. We’re all well here though I must say, I am missing the fun and craic of the classroom! It’s just not the same, trying to convince Arya to do 10 burpees in 20 seconds!

Now that we’ve done five weeks of online learning, I’m going to mix things up a bit this week, as you’ll see from the work set out below! I think it’ll benefit everyone to slightly change the format, for this week.


*   Read, read, read – no surprise there!!!! (Challenge yourself to read for at least 30 minutes a day and then keep increasing your goal)

*   Spellings – Unit 16 activities pg 64 (We’ll skip the wordsearch this week !!!!)

*  I will send you a project framework, on Sunday evening, based on our experience of this unusual time in our lives (A Time Capsule).  If you can print it out, great. If not just use the ideas on each page and write/draw it on pages which you could then put into a scrapbook (You could make a homemade scrapbook easily, with paper and some cereal box cardboard as covers) Be creative and artistic!!!

The idea behind this, is that when you’re all grown up and telling the younger generation about the momentous year of 2020, you’ll be able to whip out your scrapbook and share what your thoughts, feelings, ideas etc were. It’ll be like your own personalised history book. Obviously, you can continue to add to it, while school is closed. I’ll look forward to seeing it when we return to school.


* I’ll send on the usual Maths worksheets on Sunday night along with the answers for last week.

* Keep revising those tables!


* Revise what you have written in your cóipleabhar Ghaeilge agus do bhileog Briathra

* 15 mins of Duolingo gach lá

Religion : Theme 8 Lesson 3 – The Holy Spirit – This chapter will explain everything about the ceremony of Confirmation that you will be partaking in, this time, next year.

P.E. – Throwing -Beyond the Classroom P.E lessons  https://vimeo.com/402212771                        https://vim eo.com/402220846        https://vimeo.com/403344557

Music : Please listen to the attached link ( Copy and paste the link into YouTube) It’s a beautiful, soothing instrumental piece (Song from a Secret Garden) which I find relaxes and calms me. Can you identify the different instruments? https://youtu.be/-sWnEWpS_fA

***** I will be sending you a link to a Kahoot quiz, on Sunday evening. It is an online quiz based on the work that we have been doing since school closed. I’ve also thrown in some random, fun questions (aka how well do you know múinteoir?)!!!! *****

Sin é! Have a great week and if you feel like it, let me know how you’re spending your days at enilionain@tarahillns.ie . I’d love to hear any news from you! Send fun photos, new recipes, funny/interesting videos, random bits of information and I’ll do likewise!



Obair Bhaile 27ú Aibreán – 1 Bealtaine

Dia Dhaoibh,

Hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying the glorious sunshine! I’m sure you’re helping out at home with jobs in the house and the garden. Your parents are so lucky to have you around and making their lives a little easier. I hope the one hour of schoolwork a day is suiting everybody.


  • Read, read and more reading!!!!!
  • SpellingsUnit 16 –  Learn all spellings pg 62
  • Activities – pg 62 (1& 2) pg 63 (3, & 4)
  • Ask a family member to test you orally or in a written test on Units 1- 8. Any spellings that you struggle with, please write them into page 74 of your Spelling book.
  • Debate – I hope you convinced your audience of your point of view regarding the necessity for uniforms, last week! Now, I’d like you to do the same debate but be on the opposing side! Try to have the same audience and afterwards ask them which of your two arguments, was more convincing!
  • Starlight –The Fossil Hunter pg 164-166- Read twice (silently first & then aloud)
  • Vocabulary – cacophony, exposed, meagre, taken its toll, boulder, vigorously, merchant, debris, embedded – Definitions & Sentence ( At least four of the sentences must begin with a verb!)
  • Grammar – Adverbs describe verbs, Adjectives describe nouns  Starlight pg 168-In your copy, write sentences 2-6 ( 1 is already done), adding an adjective and an adverb. I’ll send you an adverb sheet on Sunday night with plenty of choices.

I’ll also send you an adverb worksheet. In your copy, write out the sentences (1-12) using appropriate adverbs. Instead of the word ‘said’, choose a suitable alternative from your ’said’ sheet.

  • Holes – In your copy, I’d like you to write a piece comparing and contrasting the book and the movie. Think about the differences, the similarities, what parts of the story you felt worked better in the movie or book etc. At the end of the piece, please make it clear, whether you preferred the book or the movie and why.



  • Area of a rectangle  = length x width 
  • Perimeter of a rectangle = add all sides

How to find the area & perimeter of a compound shape (a shape that is made up of other     shapes)

  • Please Watch https://youtu.be/DIiLjKzNwN8 ( Mr.Liles maths tutorials) on YouTube
  • Maths Mate pg 63 (4) pg 64 ( 1 & 2) pg 65 (1)
  • Worksheets I’ll send them on Sunday evening along with the answers from last week’s work
  • Revise multiplication & division tables daily! Ask a family member to test you orally


  • Abair Liom – Go to folensonline.ie and click on register. Select Teacher, fill in your details and for roll number use Prim20. Search for Abair Liom G and you now have access to the resources for each chapter.
  • Chapter 16 – Léigh an scéal faoi Tom Crean
  • Foclóir ón scéal– Cuirfidh mé e-phost (email) chugat ar oíche Domhnaigh agus is féidir leat an foclóir nua a scríobh isteach i do chóipleabhr
  • Bileog Briathra – Scríobh amach ‘éist’ agus ‘fág’ e.g D’éist mé le ceoil inné

Éistim le Múinteoir gach lá

Éistfidh mé le Daidí amárach

Níl mé ag éisteacht leat!

Rinne me dearmad éisteacht le mo chara


  • Foclóir – Abair Liom – lch 174 – beag, íseal, gear, óg, lag, catach, – Scríobh na focail seo i do choipleabhair agus foghlaim iad, le do thoil!!!



Science – Small World pg 24 – Read and discuss

Watch –    Something Fishy Kids lesson 3 – https://youtu.be/Gmml-BmFSC0

Something Fishy Kids Lesson 4 – https://youtu.be/alxpWtFji8I


Geography – Revise Europaedia! Try to learn three new capital cities this week. Have you finished all the flags and the EU membership flag?


History – Ring or email a grandparent or older relative. Ask them to compare and contrast their childhoods with yours. Similarities, differences, advantages, disadvantages etc.


Religion– Theme 8 Lesson 2 – Discuss & Learn the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit


P.E. – It’s Active Home week!  Check out the email that Ms.Sadlier has already sent and try your best to increase your activity levels this week.


Art – Draw an imaginary marine animal. Name your creature and give it interesting character traits!


Music  Let’s sing ‘Under the Sea’  https://youtu.be/vJPyHQQIcjU . See if can you find some home made instruments to accompany this song


Sin é! Email me if you need anything – enilionain@tarahillns.ie or if you just want to say hello!





5th Class Emergency Closure March 12th


* Spelling workbook – One unit to be completed each week ( please ensure that you date your work)
* Holes – Three chapters each week

* Write a narrative piece, including a dialogue (‘said’ alternatives) on a subject of your choice ( at least two copy pages in length)


* Read for at least 30 minutes daily



* Maths Mate – Two ‘In Your Head’ pages to be completed each week, starting from beginning of the book ( please ensure that you date your work)


* Practise long multiplication & long division


* Tables – practise multiplication and division tables using on line games & websites

Compose 7 sentences each week using your Frásaí

(Bhí orm….. / Dúirt múinteoir liom…../ Níl a fhios agam conas…./Is féidir liom……/An bhfuil cead agam……/Rinne me dearmad…./Ba mhaith liom )


* Revise Foclóir & all your work in your Cóipleabhar Ghaeilge


* Invention Project to be completed

* Europaedia – 10 capital cities & 1fact for each country to be learned.
– Finish colouring in flags and EU members


* Aztec art – print off and colour


* Research Mexico’s physical geography and culture, on-line


Optional work:
* Devise a crossword on a subject of your choice

* Devise a cloze procedure on a subject of your choice

* Keep a daily diary

* Write a newspaper article about the school closure

* Interview a parent or sibling about their school life & memories.

* Cook / Bake – Write out and decorate the recipe once you’ve finished your creation!
* Sign into Duo Lingo website and practise your Gaeilge!

  • Twinkl is a great site for lots of really good resources and they are offering free access for 1 month due to school closures which is brilliant.

Special Education Team – Emergency Work –  links below also



Useful links for 5th




















Special Education Team – Emergency Work

Below are some really useful websites that you might like to have a look at:



www.readingbear.org – phonics


www.sightwords.com – good for sightwords

www.oxfordowl.co.uk – ebook library and other bits