Emergency Work in the event of a school closure

Refer to class handout for ideas on spellings, maths games and handwriting.

  1. Continue daily reading and read books to your child (concentrate on your child’s understanding of the text – ask questions, get them to suggest alternative titles, endings etc. Predict what might happen next in a story.
  2. Keep a short diary of events/activities
  3. Revise tables and set themselves speed challenges.
  4. Pick some new words from your reading to learn how to spell.
  5. Use the suggestions in the front of your assessment copy to learn spellings that you find difficult.
  6. Write a summary of a chapter you have read from one of your books.
  7. Write a story using one of the following titles or come up with an idea for a story yourself. “The Magic Pen”, “The Clever Dog” “The Bag of Silver” or “The Young Detectives”.
  8. Illustrate your story.
  9. Revise Maths topics covered to date in your BrainTeasers book and play online games at www.crackingmaths.ie
  10. Do a mini-project on a chosen topic e.g. a favourite animal, a place they have visited, their favourite sport etc.

Useful links for 2nd Class

http://www.topmarks.co.uk/ (links to game sites)

www.maths-games.org (different ages)

www.spellingcity.com (games)

www.kidsites.com (gives lists of useful websites)

www.ictgames.com/literacy  (spelling patterns and blending)

www.ictgames.com/weight.html  (maths activity entering weights on scales)

www.iboard.co.uk/activities (games for various subjects, some free, some only by by subscription)

kids.nationalgeographic.com (animal facts and games)

www.bbc.co.uk/schools (various games – look for games suitable for Year 2/3)